Norton Antivirus Free Download – Secure Your PC Today!

If you are looking into an antivirus program to help keep your computer safe, a Norton antivirus free download can be the best way to get started. With so many viruses and malware on the internet these days, you want a trusted name for your antivirus provider. After all, you will be trusting your computer’s security to this program! So what are some benefits of Norton antivirus? norton antivirus free download

#1. Free 30 Day Trial Download. One of the best features and benefits of Norton antivirus free download, is that it offers a free 30 day trial period. We all know that with so many software’s out there that end up under-performing, it’s always nice to take a test drive, so you know what the product is all about.

The good folks over at Norton antivirus understand this, and are committed to letting you try their product 100% free for a full 30 days, before asking for your money! Simply sign up with your email address, and you can access your free trial of norton antivirus free download, its super easy, and no credit card required! norton antivirus free download

#2. Eliminates Viruses Automatically. In today’s modern era, there are tons of malicious software’s, evil viruses, phishing software, and tons of other nasty things that will do anything from steal your passwords, install fake spyware, or bug your system. With Norton Antivirus free download 2012, you can prevent all of this with the click of a few buttons!

Norton Antivirus Free Download is like a blood hound, first it picks up the trace of a virus, and then ruthlessly hunts it down and destroys it. It really is like having a guard dog for your computer!

#3. Tons Of Cool Features. Norton antivirus free download is jam packed with useful features, that make it nearly impossible for viruses, malware and spyware to make their way into your computer’s system. These guys thought of everything. Below is a list of some of the coolest features

  • Stops viruses and other threats to your pc BEFORE they happen!
  • Provides constant and automatic updates that get rid of threats, without making your computer any slower.
  • Scans your email as well as your instant message clients for spyware, making sure you stay secure even while you sleep!
  • Need technical support? Norton has a 24 hour availability phone number, online IM support, AND email support.
  • Even if your computer is severely messed up, Norton can fix it. It can bring your dead PC back to life!
  • Scans your social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter for any suspicious phishing links. If any are found, warning messages will be sent immediately to you and your friends!
  • Automatically blocks and suspicious websites that have threats detected or spyware warnings. Norton does this automatically.
  • Allows parents to block bad websites, as well as monitor your children’s social networking activities, such as who they’re talking to.
  • Creates backups automatically at an interval period that you set. In the even of a crash, you are back up and running in no time flat!
  • Norton tracks files that are slowing down your PC and also provides optimization suggestions.

norton antivirus free downloadNeedless to say, downloading Norton Antivirus free download is one of the best decisions you can possibly make.

Norton Antivirus Free Download – 7 Tips From Norton On How To Prevent Viruses

  1. Don’t Automatically Open Attachments. In your email provider options, be sure to uncheck the “open documents automatically” option. This will ensure that no sneaky trojan slips into your computer’s database from a spam email.
  2. Update Frequently. Be sure and scan and update your computer as much as possible. This will ensure that you have the latest safeguards against incoming viruses!
  3. Don’t Download Unknown Programs. Unless its from a trusted source, never download a software program from the web without first checking its origins.
  4. Unknown Data Cd Boot. Never reboot your computer using unknown data, such as from a blank cd. This is a recipe for disaster.
  5. Scan Files For Viruses. Be sure to routinely scan files for viruses, before using them. This is just simple common sense.
  6. Avoid P2p Programs. Avoid sharing music and downloading shared files as much as possible. Many viruses are known to be shared, and it is how many spread on the internet.
  7. Use Common Sense. At the end of the day, its a good idea to just use your head, and try not to do anything wrong.

norton antivirus free download

To Sum Up Norton Antivirus Free Download…

I would say that a norton antivirus free download is an amazing product that does exactly what it advertises, which is rare in the world of marketing. Pick up norton antivirus free download today, and you will have a safe PC for life!